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Our History

Many extended families in Zambia, once considered family safety nets, are no longer able to care for the orphans of deceased relatives due to rising poverty levels. Zambia now faces two added public problems, the rise of street children and increase in incidents of child abuse.


After studying the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS pandemic on the nation of Zambia while attending Canadian Theological Seminary (now Ambrose University) in Regina, Saskatchewan, Simon Sichangwa began to consider how he could become part of the solution.


Simon and Jackie Sichangwa co-founded "Brothers Keeper Ministries" (BKM) in 2004, to address poverty, education and housing needs of some of the children in Zambia. After the passing of his father, Simon acquired an abandoned and neglected homestead in the rural area of Kasama, Zambia in 2005. This home has now been transformed into a home for abandoned, neglected, orphaned and distressed children. The pictures below tell the story


House was neglected and was beginning to fall apart

Front View


Following some repairs and some painting this is how the home looked.

New Look


Some of the windows were broken and replaced with cardboards. Also had burglar bars for safety against break ins.

Living Room Window


Now the house was ready for new owners.

New look

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